Avoid Ads From Showing Public Service Ads (PSA) Written on November 19, 2008, by .

For those who had problem in ads showing public service ads or PSA, I would recommend you to target your content. This can be done by wrapping your content with the code below

<!- google_ad_section_start ->
<!- google_ad_section_end ->

What it will do is making that content known to the Adsense’s robots and all the ads shown onĀ  your page will use certain keyword from the wrapped content.

Other way to avoid showing PSA on your Adsense is to use the alternate ad url that can be found when you are setting up a new ad unit. use other ad company such as Adbrite, Mediashakers, Canep Media etc as your alternate ads. So, whenever Adsense don’t have an ad to fill your inventory, it will show the alternate ads instead.

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  1. JAKE October 31, 2009 6:30 pm

    Where I put this code?

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