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These ad networks and programs focus on CPC (pay-per-click) ads.

3FN – Contextual and search. Two tier. Pays weekly, minimum $50, via wire transfer, ePassporte, Fethard and Webmoney. Based in the U.S but with a few overseas offices. International publishers OK.

Ad Reporting – Mainly CPA advertisers, with some CPC and CPM. Text links, banners and pops. Many freebie and giveaway type lead offers. They have their own optimized rotation to deliver the best performing ads for your site. Also does email newsletter ad placements. Based in Canada, but accepts international publishers. Net 15.

Accessory Ads – Boxes of text links. Similar in appearance to AdSense, but based on keywords that you select (not page-based contextual.) Only accepts publishers from the six major English-speaking countries. Net 10, minimum $25. They are owned by 7Search.

Ad Bonus – CPM and CPC. Standard banners and 400×400 Pop-Unders. Also some kind of email advertising. Pays by check or PayPal.

Ad Brite – Boxes of text links. There is a self-serve feature for advertisers to have their links appear on individual publisher sites. Note that these ads strongly resemble Google AdSense, and it might be against Google’s Terms And Conditions to have them on the same page. Two tier. Net 60, minimum $100. International publishers OK. I have used this network and have received payments.

Ad Dynamix – CPM and CPC. Net 30, minimum $50. Owned by PennyWeb.

Ad Engage – Seems to be auction style, with publishers setting requested rates, and self-service for advertisers. Boxes of text links, including some ads with additional small graphics. Net 15, minimum $20, by check, PayPal, ePassporte, Western Union, and wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Adentify – Contextual, but allows publishers to select the best keywords. Owned by ABC Search.

Ad Knowledge – Presents themselves as an alternative to Google AdSense and Yahoo. They also have a site called AdStation.

Ad Land Pro – Seems to be a combination of classified ads, banner/link exchange, and PPC listings. Net 15, minimum $35.

AdLink – Pays $0.05 per click. banner must be in top 2/3 of page. Accepts publishers from the USA and Canada only. Does not appear to be related to the European CPM network with the same name.

Ad On Network – Banners, popunders, and interstitials, along with search listings. They call some ads, “cost Per View,” but it appears that that actually requires a click-through. Also offers a “private label” system for publishers to create their own advertiser accounts. Net 30, minimum $200. International publishers OK.

Ad Origin – Requires at least 5,000 page views per month, and a minimum CTR of 0.25%. Net 45, minimum $50 for US/Canadian publishers, and $100 for others, by check. Paypal or Netteller with a $5 fee. They say they will terminate publishers who don’t send any traffic for 60 days. International publishers OK.

Ads-Click – Choose the best performing keywords for paid links. Net 15, minimum $50, and seems to only pay by direct deposit or PayPal. Based in Switzerland, but they only want US oriented traffic, and international publishers OK.

Ad Supply – CPC, CPM, and CPA. Banners and pops. International publishers OK. Net 30.

Ad Toll – A sort of auction system, where publishers offer a weekly ad placement, with an estimate of expected clicks and effective CPC. Also provide Run Of Network (RON) rotation, in case you have extra inventory. Allows redirection of default impressions. Two tier. Net 15, by Check, PayPal, wire/bank transfer or credit to your own advertiser account, minimums vary. Owned by Purplex Pty Ltd. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

Adtomi – Pays 10¢ per click-through.

AdVario – Requires at least 5,000 unique visitors per day. They turn keywords in your existing text into paid links. Also offers standard sized banners with contextual links. Net 45, minimum $25. International publishers OK. Owned my MediaTrust.

Advert Deal – Requires a minimum of 100 unique visitors per day. Seems to be mostly CPC text link blocks and individual text links, along with some CPM popups. One-time bounty for referring other publishers. Net 25, minimum $200, apparently by PayPal only. International publishers OK, with some exceptions. They have some relationship with Email Advert, along with Pop Advert and Box Advert.

Advertise Island – No minimum traffic listed. Offers CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns. International publishers OK.

Adviva Media – All UK / British advertisers. CPC and some CPM. Banners and pops. Requires at least 100,000 monthly page views. Appears to charge for defaults.

Affiliate Boss – Owned by the Find-It Quick search engine. Seems to focus on CPC text links, banners, and search boxes. Also offers popunders at $1 CPM.

Alternate URL – They focus on providing filler ads to use for unpaid defaults from other networks. Net 45, minimum $50, only via PayPal. Based in Canada, but their signup form doesn’t ask where publishers are located. Owned by Island Media.

Axill – CPA and some CPC. Min $25 for PayPal, and $100 for check, weekly payments. Somehow connected with Hunt7.

Azoogle Ads – CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. Minimum payment $50, Net 15.

Banner Boxes – Seems to offer a self-serve system to advertisers, for a sort of CPC rate auction. Allows sites which don’t have their own domain (e.g. on free hosting.) Two tier. Net 30, minimum $10, only via PayPal. International publishers OK.

Banner Port – Pays 8¢ – 20¢ per click, depending on the number of clicks received per month. Accepts low-traffic sites. Non-US webmasters OK. It appears that they allow redirection of defaults.

BClick – Seems to accept low-traffic sites. Net 10, minimum $20. Two tier. International publishers OK. Owned by SiteUp.

Bid Clix – Seems to be auction style text links. Net 15. International publishers OK.

BidVertiser – Auction style. Note that their ads may be similar to Google AdSense, so it might be against Google’s Terms And Conditions to have them both on the same page. Pays monthly, minimum $10, by check or Paypal. International publishers OK. I have used this network and have received payments.

Blue Lithium – CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns. Banners of various sizes along with popups and popunders. Allows default redirection. International publishers OK. Pays publishers 40%-65% of the advertiser’s rate. Minimum payout $50, Net 30.

Bride.Ru – Russian mail-order brides. Promises a variable (depending on conversions) CPC rate, starting at 10¢ per click-through. International publishers OK.

Bulk Clicks – Seems to offer generic banners (perhaps to PPC listings?) Offers $0.04 or $0.05 CPC. Owned by Standard Internet Corp. International publishers OK, with some exceptions. Net ? (30? 10?), minimum $25. Note: Checked April 11, 2005, and they are refusing new publisher signups, without indication if/when they will resume.

CanepMedia – CPM, Minimum payments $100, Net 30. International OK.

Cast Ads – Focus is CPM, with some CPC and CPA. Requires 2,000 banner impressions per month, and 0.25% CTR. Minimum payment $100, Net 45. Non-US publishers OK.

Check My Stats – Australian network offering CPM, CPC, and CPA sponsors. Offers check, direct deposit, or PayPal for Australian publishers, but only PayPal for international publishers. Net 50, minimum $50. Two tier. They also have networks for the US and UK.

Chitika – Requires at least 10,000 page views per month. This contextual network offers a few options. One is boxes displaying individual products. Another option makes words in your existing text into paid links. There is also a store selection type of display. Net 30. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Clicksor – Mainly focused on contextual keyword links. Also offers contextual text banners, graphic banners, popunders, XML feeds and a search box. Min $50 for check, $20 for paypal cashout. Net 15. I have used this network and have received payments.

Click2Net – Variable pay rates. Allows selection of individual advertisers. Also features an optional banner exchange. No specific minimum traffic required. Below-the-fold placement OK. Some CPM campaigns coming soon.

Click Booth – CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. Allows some email marketing. Requires at least 1,000 “unique page views” per month. Two tier. Be sure to give a working phone number, since they require a call to verify applications. Net 15, minimum US$50, in US, CA, and AU dollars, Euros, and UK Pounds. International publishers OK. Owned by IntegraClick.

ClickXChange – various CPC and CPA offers. Non-US publishers OK.

Clicks Broker – Seems to be auction style. Low traffic sites OK. Also features a link exchange feature. Bounty for attracting new advertisers. International publishers OK.

Click Sector – Previously known as RevenueCPM. Offers various ad formats. Net 30, minimum $50, by check or PayPal, with wire transfer at minimum $1000. Two tier. International publishers OK, with some exceptions.

Click Share – Net 15. International publishers OK. Seems to be owned by WebShare. Seems to be based in Israel, but with some connection to Bulgaria. International publishers OK.

Click Thru Traffic – Part of Standard Internet Corp. Appears to use relatively generic banners which lead to various categories of advertisers, or to a search engine. Non-US publishers OK, with many exceptions, and must submit evidence of age (over 18) and identity.

CloseNow – Appears to pay 5¢ per click for real estate buying/selling traffic.

Context Click – Contextual links. Choose either boxes of links, or to have words in your own content turned into paid links. Note that the boxes may conflict with the Google Adsense terms against having similar/competing ads on the same page. Two tier. Based in Canada, and owned by Rydium. International publishers OK.

Contextual Click – Their system makes words in your site’s text into paid links.

CPAffiliates – Mostly CPA lead campaigns, including freebies. Also seems interested in CPC campaigns, text links, banners and popups/popunders. has their own banner rotation system. International publishers OK. Includes Two-tier earnings. Required minimum 5,000 monthly page views. Allows some kind of email newsletter promotion. Min $50, Net 15.

Etology – Auction style CPC text links, with self-serve for advertisers.

Fair Ads Network – They seems still to be getting their network set up to start running ads. Allows blocking of individual ads, and also setting of minimum click-through amounts. Pays by check, PayPal, e-gold, e-bullion, and wire transfer. Two tier. International publishers OK. I have used this network and have received payments.

FineClicks – Seems to focus on lead-based offers with many in the Frebies and Webmaster categories. Along with a few CPM and CPC ads including popups/popunders. Also provides ads for email newsletters/eZines. Non-US publishers OK. Offers payments via snail-mail or Paypal.

Game Advertising Online – GAO – Oriented to promoting computer games and online browser based games. Requires at least 10,000 unique visitors per day. They require exclusivity (you cannot use other gaming-focused advertising networks on your site.) Minimum payment $50, by PayPal or wire transfer. Allows some non-English languages. Based in New Zealand, but international publishers OK.

Industry Brains – Seems to want very high traffic, high quality sites. Mostly contextual links. Also offers search results, and some graphical banner type CPM ads. Owned by Marchex.

Kontera / DynamiContext – Contextual links, which can be done as tool-tip links within your existing text, and/or boxes containing relevant text ads. Requires at least 150,000 page views per month. Minimum payment $100 (or any amount at the end of the year), Net 30.

Link Connector – Mostly CPA, with some CPC. Minimum payment $25, Net 20. Check, direct deposit, or PayPal. International publishers OK.

LinkProfits – Primarily CPA, but may offer some CPC campaigns. Is willing to sponsor opt-in mailing lists. Non-US publishers OK.

Link Worth – Various types of text ads. They also offer paid Blog reviews. Net 10, minimum $100, by check, direct deposit, wire transfer ($20 fee), or PayPal (minimum $25.) International publishers OK.

Media Shakers – CPM banners, plus contextual CPC text links. I have used this network and have received payments.

Microsoft adCenter – Doesn’t give much information for publishers, but they are probably looking for very high traffic, high quality sites.

One Monkey – Yet another competitor to Google AdSense, with similar looking text link boxes. Mostly CPC, with some CPM. Pays monthly, minimum $50. Seems especially interested in publishers of dating / matchmaking sites.

Peak Click – They apparently aggregate several other PPC search providers, to select the highest paying links. Pays every fifteen days, by check, wire transfer, ePassporte, Western Union, Fethard and WebMoney, in Euros or US dollars. Two tier. Based in Austria, but international publishers OK.

Pheedo – CPM and CPC. You need to already have an RSS Feed set up. They will insert ads, with banners or text. Net 90, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Premier Ad – Contextual ads. Also offers some CPM.

Pulse 360 – They are owned by Seevast Corporation, which also seems to own Bright Ads and Kandoodle.

Real Tech Network – CPM and CPC. Requires at least 25,000 impressions (and/or 12,500 uniques) per month. Net 45, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Real Text Ads – Keywords in your own page text will be highlighted, with a mouseover that shows a small preview of the ad. minimum $25 for US or Canada, and $50 elsewhere, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK. They seem to be owned by Jambo Media.

Redux Media – CPM and CPC. Banners, popups/popunders, and rich media floating ads. Allows selection of individual campaigns, and default redirection. Net 30. International publishers OK. Owned by ValueAd.

Revenue Pilot – Various linking methods, including banners, text links, and search boxes. Net 60, minimum $25, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK, but they only pay for clicks from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Say Bye Bye – CPM and CPC. Requires a minimum of 5,000 page views per month. Net 60, minimum $25. It appears that you must request payments, and they deduct a fee for writing and mailing the check. Two tier. International publishers OK. Note that their copyright notice is dated 2001.

Sensis – CPC contextual links and search boxes. International publishers OK, but they are focused on Australian audiences. They also have Sensis Media Smart, but that site seems to only include information for advertisers. – Contextual links to specific products. Net 45, minimum $10. Their signup form accepts many countries, but their Terms And Conditions states that only US and Canadian publishers are accepted. They are looking for traffic from the UK, US, Australia, France, and Germany.

Simpli – Offers contextual ads, search boxes and search directories. Owned by ValueClick.

Specific Media – Various formats (banners, streaming video, integrated search, co-registration, and email marketing) and payment structures (CPM, CPC, and CPA.) Requires at least 100,000 impressions per month. Net 30. Their signup form only gives address options for US and Canada.

Target Point – Contextual targeted banners and text links. Mostly CPC, with some CPM and CPA. Apparently allows some non-English content, with appropriate ad targeting. Net 30, minimum $50, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK, except China and North Korea.

Target Words – Offers 1 – 8 cents per click. Text links, search boxes, an pops. Allows 404 and domain parking pages. Net 15, minimum $25. Two tier. Owned by Oversee.Net.

TLA – Text Link Ads – Their structure isn’t quite clear. They have a disclaimer that they aren’t in competition with the Google – “Our Text Link Ads product is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system.” Pays monthly, minimum $25, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

ValueClick Media – Mix of CPM and CPC banners along with popunders. Requires a minimum of 2500 impressions per month, with a minimum click-through (CTR) rate of 0.25%). Allows selection of individual advertisers and redirection of defaults to another network. Two-tier. Net 20 by check or Paypal plus the option of direct deposit for US and Canada publishers. International publishers OK.

Vibrant Media – This CPC network uses their IntelliTXT technology to make words in your existing text into paid links. Requires at least 500,000 page views per month, of text based content. International publishers OK. They also have several offices in Europe.

View Media / Smart Web – Seems to focus on CPC, contextual, and some lead generation. International publishers OK.

Yahoo Publisher Network – Seems to scan pages, and insert content-related text ads (similar to Google Adsense.) Appears to be available only to US-based publishers.

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