How to prevent hotlinking on your Zelune based proxy. Written on January 20, 2009, by .

Oh, this is a continuation from the hotlinking code for CGI proxy yesterday. Like PHProxy, Glype and CGI proxy, Zelune also been considered as a popular proxy script. Thus, it also has the disadvantages of being hotlinked by other good-for-nothing webmasters. So, to prevent hotlinking on Zelune, simply open up your index.php and look for php opening tag ( Right after the tag, insert this codes.

// Change this to your domain (no ‘www.’)

// If no request:
// Get referer
// Check to see if referer is not the proxys domain
// If there is an outside referer:
// If there is a request:
// Redirect to homepage and finish script
header(”Location: http://www.” . $domain . “/”);

See? A simple solution to saves you lots of bandwidth. 😉

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