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I noticed that there is trend right now in proxy webmasters to use CPA based advertising company for their proxies. One of the advertising company being used is Zango. However, what I don’t like is when I go to a site, a Zango gateway is being showed each and every page load I made. I went to search about Zango and what I learned is that by default the gateway is displayed to every visitor, on every page they view.

Of course this may earned you an extra revenue but why not think in user viewpoint. Seeing the gateway being shown frequently just annoy me personally, left alone other people who visits the site.

So, to my conscience, I would like to show you how to make the popups only showed once or at your desired time using a few lines of code. This code was taken from monetizationhub.

//Increment the ‘views’ session variable.
if (isset($_SESSION[‘views’])){
$_SESSION[‘views’] = $_SESSION[‘views’]+ 1;
} else {
$_SESSION[‘views’] = 1;
//Display Zango on only the first page view.
if ($_SESSION[‘views’] == 1){


Code Explained:

  1. In case you didn’t know, a session is an encrypted cookie. What the first half of the code does is increment a session variable to count each visitor’s page views. The second half of the code starting with if ($_SESSION[‘views’] == 1){ checks if the visitor has viewed 1 page and if so, outputs the Zango gateway code.
  2. If you want to modify the above code you would simply change the == 1 to == 3 for the third page view or > 3 for the 4th, 5th, 6th etc page views.

While showing frequent might increase the chance of user completing the surveys, it also put a risk to lose your visitors. So, I would recommend only showing 1-2 times per session. This will help you reduce the bounce rate (when visitors left your page early or immaturely) and supposedly increase the amount of return visitors. According to this script author, having the gateway to display after certain amount of pageviews can increase the conversion rate on some sites.

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  1. a friend December 3, 2009 7:37 am

    If you know the admin of monetization hub, please let them know to check their site.

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