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As you know, our proxy list section has stopped working. Many people emailed me about this and I am very thankful for that. However, it was not because I’m using a nullified script or something like that. I bought the script on DigitalPoint.com since the seller said the script was not encoded. Turn out the seller went missing, changed his email address and let his domain expired. To my surprised, the script on this site suddenly stopped working and after doing some digging, I found out that almost all his previous buyer who are using this script also having the same problem.

Since at that time I do not have enough time to play with the script, I just let it stopped functioning. LOL..I know, I shouldn’t have done that. About a few minutes ago, I had a chance to look into the source code and play with it. Then, finally I found the code which communicate with the seller’s website and remove it from the script, and now you see our Proxy Listing section is back online again!.

Here are the codes which you need to remove from the script to make it working again.

if (!defined(‘IS_SCRIPT’) || !file_exists(‘includes/class_root.php’))
$error_text[‘script’] = ‘<p><strong>Fatal Error:</strong> Some essential files were not found.</p>’;
echo $error_text[‘script’];


Look for the code above in:


For admin/index.php, you need to find the code below and remove it.

if (!defined(‘IS_SCRIPT’) || !file_exists(‘../includes/class_root.php’) || !file_exists(‘../includes/class_version.php’))
$error_text[‘script’] = ‘<p><strong>Fatal Error:</strong> Some essential files were not found.</p>’;
echo $error_text[‘script’];

Well, I hope everything has been explained and you can continue to either submit your proxy or choose a proxy from our proxy list section.

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2 Comments so far
  1. WK July 2, 2009 1:23 am

    Is the proxy list still up?

  2. admin July 2, 2009 2:12 am

    Yes, the list is still alive and kicking, although it is currently in the process of cleaning up the defunct sites. It will be officially relaunch soon.

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