Costly Human Error Written on February 14, 2009, by .

human error

Some of you might know that has been down more than 12 hours and still down as of the time I’m writing this. At first I thought my site was hacked since it does not detected any of the files structure I used to access. So, I alerted my admin and my DC. To my surprised, my DC replied saying the IP that is associated with was assigned to another server! WTF!

I have been using that IP for more than a year and they give me BS reason that the IP hasn’t been used more than 15 days so it will automatically be assigned to another client. Of course they will not see any activity because the IP was used as a nameserver!

I asked for the IP to be reassigned to my server again but it has already been assigned to another client. So, I guess I have to use another IP. For now it looks like the new IP has propagate itself within US but yet to reach my country. I hope everything will be fine as it should be.

Lesson learnt here is, ALWAYS bind all IPs to your server to prevent them being assigned to someone else.

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  1. tom February 22, 2009 3:56 am

    How do you bind your IPs? ifconfig?

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