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This is the very old debate that is it wise to use custom webs design or pre-designed templates while designing the website. In my opinion, the custom web design is better in the sense that you have to make the choices of your own considering the objective, needs, goals and requirements of your online business. Custom web design is something which can portray company’s online presence in an effective manner.

When starting off with any sort of online business, the most important decision which you will make would be about the appearance or the design of your business website. Therefore it is very much concerned thing that you have to make the best possible choice from the available options. It is not a question and one can not go against this statement that the custom design is more costly than the pre-designed templates but on the other part, there are lots of advantages associated with custom web design as well. Following are some reasons to consider custom web design over pre-designed templates.

  1. You will not be asked about the un-usual publicity and marketing of your business through this. You can show greater imaginative professional website with the help of custom web design. It is very difficult for the business to select from the available pre-designed templates because the businesses are not likely to be set according to them. Pre-designed templates are built in and are mostly utilized without the functional approach of business. Another reason to use the custom design for the website is that it can’t be copied by any other website and business because it is your own unique idea and creation. Through the custom design, you can easily enhance the marketing efficiency of your business as well. Through this, your business and your products or services can be recognized among your targeted audience with ease.
  2. Custom website design is very advantageous in terms of SEO as more and more search engines are recommending those business websites which are customized. While on the other hand, these days pre-designed templates are considered as a negative aspect for online businesses when it comes to Search engine optimization.
  3. The custom design is also helpful because the ideas here are latest and updated and are not rigid and limited to the old concepts when the pre-designed templates were designed.

So, I am sure that by now you must have understood that what will be your choice when it will come to selecting from custom web design or pre-designed templates. Do stay around and subscribe to my blog as there will be a couple more post explaining a little bit about the importance of good design for your business.

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