Small user online script – as seen on PWA! Written on February 10, 2009, by .

For you who want to be different and want to have cool user online on your site, I found a script that can easily customized and includes the function to check your IP. Confused to understand what I meant? Go on and visit and look at its left sidebar no.3. It shows the IP […]

How to prevent hotlinking on your Zelune based proxy. Written on January 20, 2009, by .

Oh, this is a continuation from the hotlinking code for CGI proxy yesterday. Like PHProxy, Glype and CGI proxy, Zelune also been considered as a popular proxy script. Thus, it also has the disadvantages of being hotlinked by other good-for-nothing webmasters. So, to prevent hotlinking on Zelune, simply open up your index.php and look for […]

How to prevent hotlinking on your CGI based proxy. Written on January 19, 2009, by .

Previously I wrote a code about how to prevent hotlinking on your PHProxy. This time around you will learn how to prevent hotlinking on your CGI Proxy script. Open up your nph-proxy.cgi with notepad or your favorite text editor. Look for this line. $HTTP_1_X=  $NOT_RUNNING_AS_NPH   ? ‘Status:’   : “HTTP/$HTTP_VERSION” ; Below the line, add this […]

Ads on proxified pages Written on November 15, 2008, by .

Too many people has asked me on several forums about this. Actually, setting up an ads in your proxified pages is very easy. All you need is to search for a few keywords/codes and put your ads in between them. So, here we goes. I will write the method of how you can place your […]

PHProxy’s Bandwidth Limiter Mod Written on September 5, 2008, by .

This is an Extra MOD for you. This MOD will help your bandwidth usage by disabling hotlinking on your proxy. Copy the code, open index.php in your proxy folder, paste the code right before the opening <?php syntax. If you need help, use the contact form to contact me or leave a comment below

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