Small user online script – as seen on PWA! Written on February 10, 2009, by .

For you who want to be different and want to have cool user online on your site, I found a script that can easily customized and includes the function to check your IP. Confused to understand what I meant? Go on and visit and look at its left sidebar no.3. It shows the IP of who’s online and the link to the page where people can see their IP and other details.

I put this up because there is people who seems interested to know how to create something similar to what I have on It even been discussed on a webmaster forum. *happy*. So, Aquarezz I hope you’re happy to have this code. Only that you need to customize it to suit your need.

If you feel this script make you day, then do drop some comments below.

Proxy business and Proxy promotion in its common ways Written on January 24, 2009, by .

People are really interesting creatures, they always want something they can’t have and that goes the same for real world just as for life on the web. May I say thank God for that because would it be exciting at all if we wouldn’t try to reach something that’s not allowed? What’s life without adrenaline anyway?

Now, on solid ground we all desire one thing – our neighbor’s wife but on the internet we all share one common experience, we have been banned from this cool website and we want the access back. But can we get it? Of course we can and that’s what today’s online business is all about – proxies.

Proxies or content filters will always be searched for as there will always be people who get banned from websites so why not try to make a buck out of it? Many schools block popular social networking website such as MySpace and Facebook and other popular destinations for kids and many companies and government institutes block certain websites so their employees can’t scrimshank at work and some people just want to keep their browsing habits anonymous.

Now installing a proxy is not that big of a deal but getting traffic to it can be a pain in the neck, especially today when a visitor has tens of thousands proxy websites to choose from. What make you believe he is going to surf your Proxy?

  1. Most common method of promoting a Proxy is getting it listed on several proxy listing site. They do ask for a reciprocal link which most of us are not fans of but it’s worth in this case because some of them are such as is the biggest proxy directory online so you can get sizeable amount of traffic from them. Don’t ignore smaller directories because they’re also a good source of traffic.
  2. Template. Apart from listing your proxy to several proxy listing online, you would want to have a site which can be recognizable to your user. Think of it like drawing a map inside your users mind. With a combination of a good domain name, good looking template does converts traffic. If you Google “free custom proxy template”, you will see there are many sites that offered free proxy template.
  3. Exchanging links can be a great way to attract visitors but don’t do it with someone running a Proxy like yourself because they’re direct competition so it would make no sense in exchanging links with another Proxy website. Instead, try to make a deal with Arcade website owners since those are usually the type of websites that get blocked. However, by advertising your Proxy on a website like that means direct exposure and can get you banned as well so you’ll have to decide whether it is worth the hassle or not.
  4. Also don’t forget to post in forums because forums can be your second biggest traffic income if you do it right. Bulletin boards with off topic (MySpace, Orkut, Facebook) or video game genres (Filefront, Talk-Gaming) are most likely to attract a lot of visitors due to the variety of targeted audience (teenagers) but since nowadays it doesn’t matter where you come from it would be good for your business if you could post on webmaster related forums (DigitalPoint, Sitepoint, WebProxyTalk)
  5. MySpace and Facebook. Of course, why you didn’t think of that? It’s so obvious it’s likely to get forgotten but it is also a crucial step in Proxy website promotion. What’s a better way to promote a Proxy than to promote it on a website getting blocked most of the time? You can buy MySpace and Facebook accounts with thousands of friends for 10$ or 20$ but you can always build your society yourself if you like to get things done from scratch. Posting occasional bulletins and commenting your friends’s profiles can make wonders.
  6. Last but not least, paid advertising. This can be harder for Proxy owners with no steady income so you’re more than welcomed not to pay a dime on advertising but if you’re thinking about getting serious with your Proxy, PPC programs are money well spent. If you’re new to AdWords, AdBrite, BidVertiser and other Pay Per Click program, do it on a small scale first and if it works, expand your arbitrage.

Whatever you might do, remember you’re here to offer free proxy services to people and the same way you got on the market you can be removed from it so watch you don’t fall off the clip because Proxy business can sometimes be dangerous. Work hard, be patient and results will be overwhelming.

xytheMe Proxy List is BACK! Written on January 21, 2009, by .

As you know, our proxy list section has stopped working. Many people emailed me about this and I am very thankful for that. However, it was not because I’m using a nullified script or something like that. I bought the script on since the seller said the script was not encoded. Turn out the seller went missing, changed his email address and let his domain expired. To my surprised, the script on this site suddenly stopped working and after doing some digging, I found out that almost all his previous buyer who are using this script also having the same problem.

Since at that time I do not have enough time to play with the script, I just let it stopped functioning. LOL..I know, I shouldn’t have done that. About a few minutes ago, I had a chance to look into the source code and play with it. Then, finally I found the code which communicate with the seller’s website and remove it from the script, and now you see our Proxy Listing section is back online again!.

Here are the codes which you need to remove from the script to make it working again.

if (!defined(‘IS_SCRIPT’) || !file_exists(‘includes/class_root.php’))
$error_text[‘script’] = ‘<p><strong>Fatal Error:</strong> Some essential files were not found.</p>’;
echo $error_text[‘script’];


Look for the code above in:


For admin/index.php, you need to find the code below and remove it.

if (!defined(‘IS_SCRIPT’) || !file_exists(‘../includes/class_root.php’) || !file_exists(‘../includes/class_version.php’))
$error_text[‘script’] = ‘<p><strong>Fatal Error:</strong> Some essential files were not found.</p>’;
echo $error_text[‘script’];

Well, I hope everything has been explained and you can continue to either submit your proxy or choose a proxy from our proxy list section.

How to prevent hotlinking on your Zelune based proxy. Written on January 20, 2009, by .

Oh, this is a continuation from the hotlinking code for CGI proxy yesterday. Like PHProxy, Glype and CGI proxy, Zelune also been considered as a popular proxy script. Thus, it also has the disadvantages of being hotlinked by other good-for-nothing webmasters. So, to prevent hotlinking on Zelune, simply open up your index.php and look for php opening tag ( Right after the tag, insert this codes.

// Change this to your domain (no ‘www.’)

// If no request:
// Get referer
// Check to see if referer is not the proxys domain
// If there is an outside referer:
// If there is a request:
// Redirect to homepage and finish script
header(”Location: http://www.” . $domain . “/”);

See? A simple solution to saves you lots of bandwidth. 😉

How to prevent hotlinking on your CGI based proxy. Written on January 19, 2009, by .

Previously I wrote a code about how to prevent hotlinking on your PHProxy. This time around you will learn how to prevent hotlinking on your CGI Proxy script.

Open up your nph-proxy.cgi with notepad or your favorite text editor.
Look for this line.

$HTTP_1_X=  $NOT_RUNNING_AS_NPH   ? ‘Status:’   : “HTTP/$HTTP_VERSION” ;

Below the line, add this line and change the domain with your own.

if($ENV{’HTTP_REFERER’} =~ /^http:\/\/
&redirect_to(’’, ”);

What it does, whenever people hotlinked your proxy, they will be directed to the address that you specify above.
If you are wanting to get rid of them for good, perhaps shoving them off to my listing site can do you good. lol.

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