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Being in proxy business for quite some time now, I have seen a lot of people asking information on which advertisers to use on proxy websites. I decided to compile a list of best ad providers I’ve found so far. The list compiled below are currently being used by me on all of my proxies.

Google Adsense
This is byfar the most used advertisers by me. I use them on all of my sites and they work great! With some tweaking on my site, I found that earning from them will most likely to double. They give me high CPM and with a right placements, they give me high CTR. So, this advertiser is HIGHLY recommended to all.

I wonder why people keep complaining about Adbrite. I have been using them since day 1 on my proxies and they haven’t once fail on me. Most of the day, they even earned more than Adsense. I used them mostly on my proxified pages.

Canep Media
I have only been working with Canep for nearly a months but they provide an easy publishers area and does provide impression tracking plus you can check your earning in realtime. While I do earn from them, the revenue is not too great.

Media Shakers
From what I heard, the company gave you great earnings. But, I tried them with no success. I put their ads exactly on the place where I usually put my Adbrite, they only earned me $0.50 for a week! So, I guess this is not for me. You can try and see if they do you good since some other people does earn from much them.

Freedom Of Ads
Almost identical adserving platform to Canep Media, they use adECN to trade ad inventory. haven’t got any chance to use it just yet seeing people complaining that they have low rate. Fill rates seem slightly lower than Canep but I have only recently added FoA to my proxies so things may improve in future. If you’ve learnt how to work with Canep its easy to jump right in.

I heard about this being used on proxy but haven’t got a chance to use it just yet. I have signed up with them and hopefully my next proxies will be using this advertiser.
This is a “get paid to” site. But, do you know that most school kids use this as they think this can earn them easy money? So, since they also have a referral program which will earn you more money by referring someone to them. Just put the referral button on your proxified page as well as your main page.

If you have some more information that you wish to add, feel free to add them in the comments.

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