Avoid Ads From Showing Public Service Ads (PSA) Written on November 19, 2008, by .

For those who had problem in ads showing public service ads or PSA, I would recommend you to target your content. This can be done by wrapping your content with the code below <!- google_ad_section_start -> YOUR CONTENT HERE <!- google_ad_section_end -> What it will do is making that content known to the Adsense’s robots […]

Ads on proxified pages Written on November 15, 2008, by .

Too many people has asked me on several forums about this. Actually, setting up an ads in your proxified pages is very easy. All you need is to search for a few keywords/codes and put your ads in between them. So, here we goes. I will write the method of how you can place your […]

List of alternative ads companies besides adsense Written on November 8, 2008, by .

These ad networks and programs focus on CPC (pay-per-click) ads. 3FN – Contextual and search. Two tier. Pays weekly, minimum $50, via wire transfer, ePassporte, Fethard and Webmoney. Based in the U.S but with a few overseas offices. International publishers OK. Ad Reporting – Mainly CPA advertisers, with some CPC and CPM. Text links, banners […]

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