xytheMe presents Free Web Directory Written on March 31, 2008, by .

Just wanted all to know that a free web directory has been added to xytheMe as part of my contribution to public. You can find the link on top menu or can directly click on THIS link. The directory was built on indexscript which is quite nice and what’s most important it is a free […]

I’ve Just Won A Proxy Written on March 23, 2008, by .

Guess what? I have been contacted by WinAProxy.com admin, Mr. Alonski telling me that I have won a proxy! Lol. I couldn’t believe it though. One entry and I won? What a luck. So, I contact the admin and gave him all the required details. Which means, I now have my thirteenth proxy and best […]

Advertisers For Proxy Written on March 23, 2008, by .

Being in proxy business for quite some time now, I have seen a lot of people asking information on which advertisers to use on proxy websites. I decided to compile a list of best ad providers I’ve found so far. The list compiled below are currently being used by me on all of my proxies. […]

Free Templates Are Ready For Download. Written on March 16, 2008, by .

An update. I was banned from DP. 🙁 Yes, I am a member in DigitalPoint using proxywhereabouts as my nickname. I just got banned a while ago because asking for a rep. LOL..I know, the rules clearly stated that asking for a rep will results in ban. So, my mistake. However, I regret doing that […]

Ultimate Written on March 12, 2008, by .

[Click on the image for demo] How cool is the title? haha.. Actually, that’s the template name. Ultimate Proxy. The template was design to be as simple as possible while retaining the chance to have a high CTR. No matter how many visitors you have, the template will not break and lagged thus making you […]

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