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Many people complaints saying that Adversal is not what they used to be and the earnings from them are scarce now with the recent changes. I got an email in 2 parts from Adversal and they explains about the changes. Hopefully these will be useful to others.

If you are new to Adversal and haven’t yet signed up, I appreciate if you could use my affiliate link and I will try to help you in any way I can.

As you may or may not know, over the summer Adversal switched to a
real-time pricing model from one that was static. The overall impact of
this has been quite successful. It has proven to not only allow for a
better fill rate, but has also been capable of capturing the best rates
available at a given time for your inventory. We have seen the most
fluctuation in US rates, which by far have been the highest of all regions.

The new model has come with some misconceptions though. One I would like
to address is regarding the raw and unique CPMs. The thought is that
since we now display uCPM (unique CPM) in your account, that we only pay
for unique traffic. This is however, not true. Impressions are still
calculated on a raw basis (page views). The only difference is that the
system is now tracking your uniques as well, making it possible to see
your CPM broken down into a unique rate.
The new model has come with some misconceptions though.

So whats the purpose? A unique CPM that is close to your raw CPM
indicated a low page views to visitor ratio. The higher it is, the
greater your visitor loyalty/retention is.

If you are seeing a lower then expected fill rate, then there are a
couple of things you can do. First off, if the low fill is for a
non-English speaking country, then its likely because we don’t have much
advertiser demand for that traffic. However, if that’s not the case,
then check your limit setting. The limit being the number of ads that
will be shown to a given user per 30 mins. If you set this to a value
that is lower then your site’s average page views per user, then you may
be missing out on extra earning opportunities.

Another scenario is that you’re only using the InPage Popups. We do
typically have greater inventory when it comes to pop-unders, so if you
are currently using the InPages only, consider switching to the
InPage+Popunder code.

Starting next month, we will be moving from a Net 15 to a Net 35
payments schedule. This means that instead of issuing payments 15 days
after the end of the month, we will now be issuing payment 35 days after
the end of the month. The change is to allow us extra time to collect
outstanding balances.

The last Net 15 payment will be October 15th for balance accrued during
September. After that, the Net 35 schedule will kick in and the next
payment period will be December 5th for balances accrued during October.
The minimum payment will still be $20. A Q&A regarding the Net 35 terms
has been added to the FAQ in your account that details out all of the
payment periods throughout the year.

A common question that we receive is regarding defaults. Why do we not
offer defaults for pop-unders? The answer is because our pop-unders are
essentially action based (clicking a link to trigger an ad) whereas many
other ad networks will launch a pop-under once your website loads.
The two methods are not compatible, thus a default chain would not work.

In most cases, yes, you can host pop-up/under code from another network
along side our publisher code. Our terms say specifically that you
cannot place the Adversal publisher code on a page which launches a
pop-up/under ad simultaneously to ours. However, since our pop-unders
are action based and many other networks launch pops at the time when your site first loads, the two ads would never load simultaneously. This means that you can in fact use pop-up/under code from another network as long as its not action based.

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