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People are really interesting creatures, they always want something they can’t have and that goes the same for real world just as for life on the web. May I say thank God for that because would it be exciting at all if we wouldn’t try to reach something that’s not allowed? What’s life without adrenaline anyway?

Now, on solid ground we all desire one thing – our neighbor’s wife or their hot daughter but on the internet we all share one commmon experience, we have been banned from this cool website and we want the access back. But can we get it back? Of course we can and that’s what today’s business is all about – proxies.

Proxies or filters bypasser will always be searched for as there will always be people who get banned from websites so why not try to make a buck out of it? Many school block popular social networking website such as MySpace and Facebook and other popular destinations for kids and many companies and goverment institutes block certain websites so their employees can’t scrimshank at work and some people just want to keep their browsing habits anonymous.

Now installing a proxy is not that big deal, unless you are using CGI proxy which is such a pain to make it work (at least for me!), but getting traffic to it can be a pain in the neck, especially today when a visitor has tens of thousands proxy websites to choose from. What make you believe he is going to surf on your proxy?

most common method of promoting a proxy is getting it listed on big directories such as They do ask for a reciprocal link which most of us are not fans of but it’s worth in this case because the they are the biggest proxy directory around the net so you can get sizeable amount of traffic from them. But, don’t just ignore the smaller directories such as because they’re also a good source of traffic.

Exchanging links can be a great way to attract visitors but don’t do it with someone running a proxy like yourself because they’re direct competition so it would make no sense in exchanging links with another proxy website. Instead, try to make a deal with Arcade website owners (click here) since those are usually the type of websites that gets blocked. However, by advertising your proxy on a website like that means direct exposure and can get you banned as well so you’ll have to decide whether it is worth the hassle or not.

Also, don’t forget to post in forums because forums can be your second biggest traffic income if you do it right. Bulletin boards with off topic (MySpace, Orkut, Facebook) or video game genres (Filefront, Talk-Gaming) are most likely to attract a lot of visitors due to the variety of targeted audience (teenagers) but since nowadays it doesn’t matter where you come from, it would be good for your business if you could post on webmaster related forums (DigitalPoint, Sitepoint, Webmaster-Talk) especially those who are focusing to proxy owners. (WebProxyTalk)

MySpace and Facebook and Orkut. Of course, why you didn’t of that? It’ so obvious it’s likely to get forgotten but it is also crucial step in proxy website promotion. What’s a better way to promote a proxy than to promote it on a website getting blocked most of the time? You can buy MySpace and Facebook accounts with thousands of friends for $10 or $20 but you can always build your society yourself if you like to get things done from scratch. Posting occasional bulletins and commenting your friend’s profile can make wonders, remember not to spam.

Last but not least, paid advertising. This can be harder for proxy owners with no steady income so you’re more than welcomed not to pay a dime on advertising but if you’re thinking about getting serious with your proxy, PPC programs are money well spent. If you’re new to Adwords, Adbrite, BidVertiser and other Pay Per Click program, do it on a small scale first and if it works, expand your arbitrage. You could also try advertising on Facebook and other social networking site since some of them offers paid advertising as well.

Whatever you might do, remember you’re here to offer free proxy services to people and the same way you got on the market you can be removed from it so watch out so you don’t fall off the cliff because proxy business easy as it seems, requires constant effort to make it successful and sometimes can be dangerous. Work hard, be patient and results will be overwhelming.

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